I have been working for a number of years creating bespoke bridal wear, to fit many different styles and ideas. Weather it be traditional or theatrical, bohemian or retro, I can help!

The process starts with a trip to see me at my studio on our farm near Thixendale on the Yorkshire Wolds. You are invited to come and talk me through your ideas and plans, usually over a cup of coffee, and I get to know you a little, and we start to put together ideas for gowns.

From there I start to put together some sketches of our ideas, and samples of fabrics. Once you have chosen a design we get to work and get started! The process and take many months, I ask for a minimum of 3 months for all bridal projects.


How long does it take?

Usually I ask for a minimum of 3 months to design and create a wedding gown. Most often brides come to me 8 to 12 months before the wedding.

How much does it cost?

Each dress is costed specifically to your design and fabric choices. Gowns usually start at around £1100 and can go up to £1500 depending on your requirements.

Lower budgets can be met, so always feel free to talk openly with me about cost.

Can I change my mind?

When you agree for a design to be made, a cost is agreed and contract signed. The beauty of this process is that designs can develop, and indeed often do! You can change elements of the design as the process takes place, but the more changes you make the more this could effect the cost of the gown.

How many fittings do I have?

Usually a wedding gown requires 4-6 fittings. These usually take place at my studio, however I have travelled for fittings too.